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Anatolian rug

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Dating back to the fifth century BCE The Pazyryk carpet is of rare beauty and woven with great technical skill. It was found preserved in the frozen tombs of.

You can set your cookie preferences using the toggles below. You can update your preferences, withdraw your consent at any time, and see a detailed description of the types of cookies we and our partners use in our Cookie Policy. Rugs woven here, of the same name, are dense and very resistant. The most common design is known as “herati”, from edge to edge it is woven into a repeated pattern and rarely includes a central medallion. The very high-quality wool used is dyed with natural colours which make the rugs very vibrant.

The colours used by the Enjelas people are mainly dark red with dark blue, or with natural animal beige used on the borders, less so on the rest of the surface. Manufacture: Hand-knotted Size: x cm Approximate thickness: 8 mm. Delivered with its certificate of authenticity. Sign in. New user?


A lovely Alentejo town with a mission: to keep the embroidered rug-making tradition alive and to promote them to new audiences. This was marked in by the opening of the public Interpretative Centre in Arraiolos. It contains priceless piece of work ranging from religious vestments to delicate nativity pieces to ancient and modern rugs. A history of wool production, dyeing and rug making, accompanied by old photos, is fascinating.

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Carpet and rug weaving

Persian rugs were born from the ancient Persian empire, where handweaving was a highly respected art form. The oldest known carpet from the world is a Persian rug dating back to the 5th century BC. From the outset, Persian rugs were considered extremely luxurious owing to the craftsmanship required to make them and are referenced in Greek texts published as early as BC.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of hand-knotted Persian rugs: city rugs and tribal or nomadic rugs.

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Skip to Content Skip to navigation. Request copy. This study compares age estimates of recent peat deposits in 10 European ombrotrophic precipitation-fed bogs produced using the C bomb peak, Pb, Cs, spheroidal carbonaceous particles SCPs , and pollen. At 3 sites, the results of the different dating methods agree well. In 5 cores, there is a clear discrepancy between the C bomb peak and Pb age estimates.

In the upper layers of the profiles, the age estimates of C and Pb are in agreement.


Navajo Rug Appraisal Co. When one encounters dates that are woven into the fields or end borders of Oriental rugs, it should be noted that these dates are generally unreliable. There are several reasons for this:. In the past as is the case today, Oriental rugs were often woven by people who were uneducated and illiterate.

Someone may have drawn the date for the rug weaver to copy, and that person may have been only barely literate.

Welcome to Passion d’Orient: The small town of Enjelas lies 15 km south of Hamadan. Rugs woven here, of the same name, are dense and very resistant.

So what is the big deal about oriental rugs anyway? How is it that people can get so enthusiastic about something we walk on with our dirty feet? Part of the fascination lies in the history of the product. Rug weaving is one of the oldest industries in the world, dating back over years. What makes it even more interesting is that there are actual rug remnants and nearly complete artifacts dating back over years! You can find rugs in ancient paintings, stories, and poetry.

And rugs have been the source of artistic idolatry for kings and peasants alike. Lotto painted rugs into his best works of art. Shah Abbas forced artists to use his signature flowering palmette design or risk death. Even today commissions are placed for larger, finer and more unique rugs in an attempt to make a mark on oriental rug history. The other major part about the fascination has to do with oriental rug construction.

This means that a fine hand-knotted rug will not only last for generations, but will also increase in value as it is used and passed down!

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What adorns your wall or is under foot in your home is often overlooked and disregarded. However here at Fieldings, we treasure those items and understand the quality of designs and workmanship and techniques that have been used and developed since the 5th Century. Our department can guide you through the process of having an item valued and exploring its history, or helping you make that purchase to complement your home or your collection.

As well as Oriental rugs, the department looks after interesting British and European wall hangings and tapestries from the 17th Century to modern day. Read more. We offer a free valuation service every Tuesday, 10am-4pm at our saleroom, strictly by appointment, as well as events in other venues.

The first documented evidence on the existence of Persian carpets came from Chinese texts dating back to the Sassanid period ( – CE). Historical records.

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Central Asian Rug 02

Please enter the email address linked to your Artisera account, and we will send you a link to reset your password. We’ve sent you an email with a link to update your password. A fleecy, soft, high-pile Julkhyr rug representing ‘bearskin’ , this piece was probably woven by Arab tribes in the Kyrgyz or Uzbek regions of central Asia. Woven in two halves on narrow horizontal looms, the pieces have been sown together in the middle to make a wide ‘sleeping’ rug.

Dating back to the late 19th century, this rug features a classic diamond composition in blue and yellowish gold with running dog borders. Tribal carpets are typically made by nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes from various parts of the world.

This rug is preserved in Store of Islamic Antiquities, Fayoum, Egypt, and register number The problem of the study is that the carpet does not have a date.

The age of a rug is one of the critical points in determining the value of a rug. But determining how old a specific rug might be, is also one of the most difficult skills to acquire for the rug enthusiast. Older antique rugs might show some evidence of wear. The back of the rug offers a better opportunity to determine age. Newer modern rugs will feel fuzzy on the back since their yarns still possess their fibrous surface.

As a rug ages, even if walked on carefully, the underside will become polished or abraded through pressure and friction, diminishing the fuzzy or hairy texture. Very old rugs will feel gritty, sandy, or even smooth on the back. A fine rug that looks tightly woven, but that still feels somewhat floppy or supple, is probably old, since even tightly woven rugs become supple with time.

Color or rug dye quality can also help determine how old a rug is. If a rug has pale colors, fold it to spread the pile open. This will reveal if the color is the same all the way down into the pile to the rug foundation. If it the colors get darker the further down the pile you go, the dye has probably faded on exposure to light and is probably synthetic.


One of the more intriguing and complex product categories in the insurance property claims world are Oriental rugs. These beautiful items have been with humans for an extraordinarily long time. Remarkably, it was woven using the same basic techniques passed down through the generations to the present day. And although they are much more commonplace now, many are still items of high value and often show up in insurance claims.

America has its own tradition of hand-woven rugs made by Native Americans in the Southwest.

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Anatolian rug is a term of convenience, commonly used today to denote rugs and carpets woven in Anatolia or Asia minor and its adjacent regions. Geographically, its area of production can be compared to the territories which were historically dominated by the Ottoman Empire. It denotes a knotted, pile-woven floor or wall covering which is produced for home use, local sale, and export. Together with the flat-woven kilim , Anatolian rugs represent an essential part of the regional culture, which is officially understood as the Culture of Turkey today, [1] and derives from the ethnic, religious and cultural pluralism of one of the most ancient centres of human civilisation.

Rug weaving represents a traditional craft dating back to prehistoric times. Rugs were woven much earlier than even the oldest surviving rugs like the Pazyryk rug would suggest. During its long history, the art and craft of the woven carpet has absorbed and integrated different cultural traditions. Traces of Byzantine design can be observed in Anatolian rugs; Turkic peoples migrating from Central Asia, as well as Armenian people, Caucasian and Kurdic tribes either living in, or migrating to Anatolia at different times in history contributed their traditional motifs and ornaments.

The arrival of Islam and the development of the Islamic art has profoundly influenced the Anatolian rug design. Its ornaments and patterns thus reflect the political history and social diversity of the area. However, scientific research was unable, as yet, to attribute any particular design feature to any specific ethnic or regional tradition, or even to differentiate between nomadic and village design patterns.

Within the group of oriental carpets , the Anatolian rug is distinguished by particular characteristics of its dyes and colours, motifs, textures and techniques.

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